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The 13° Roomvent’s work published in congress annals with number of registered at the Brazilian National Library: ISBN 978-85-68864-00-5.


The World Conference Roomvent 2014 "Scanvac 13th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms: New ventilations strategies with base in active and passive technology in building and for comfort in airplanes" organized in São Paulo brought together researchers and postgraduate students from 29 countries to review articles by members of the scientific Committee and other international experts.

The Roomvent Participants had part in the review process of the proposed articles and have been shown in several sessions with long and short presentations.

The most common subject of articles were Environment Health and Productivity Internal (32%), building systems simulation (26%). An almost equal number of presentations researched Ventilation and Energy Efficiency in ventilation (13%), CFD application for building and aircraft (11%), Ventilation Special Environments (10%).

There have been studies that addressed the theme Disease Transmission (7%) and smokes and Movement of Contaminants (1%).

There is excellent search for technological innovations healthy indoor environment for building and aircraft as also of paramount importance to the indoor environment that is not just a health issue of building occupants, but also the productivity and quality of the activities of the occupants during the work. These effects are well summarized in the article found.

In addition to the normal technical sessions.

Scanvac, IPT and FIPT organized three "wokshops" parallel technical sessions on - Pollutants in indoor air: sampling, identification and quantification with coordinating UENF Federal University of North Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro and CIEMAT Madri- Spain; Benigno Sanchez Cabrero - CIEMAT - Madrid-Spain Maria Cristina Canela - UENF - Brazil - REHVA Workshop: Auditing the quality of the internal environment; Manuel Gameira and Clelia M. de Moraes. - Chapter of ASHRAE Chapter Brazil with representative Abrava and ASHRAE / USA. Bjarne Olesen All participants gathered to watch the lectures of President Karel Kabele, vice president Manuel Gameira of REHVA, European Federation of Associations of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning. The journal's Chief Editor "Building and Environment" Prof. Qingyan Chen Yan, USA and Prof. Yuguo Li ISIAQ representative of the International Society of Internal Air Quality and Climate were also present.

Also was attended by the President of Hwataik Han of air conditioning and refrigeration engineers Society of Korea (SAREK) Professor Roberto Lamberts of the Federal University of Santa Catarina and President Leonilton Tomaz Cleto and B. Olesen representatives of Brazil Chapter.

During the event the Director Fulvio Vittorino presented research on science and technology carried out at the Institute for Technological Research IPT. Professor Clelia Moraes introduced the topic under new ventilation strategies with technology based on active and passive construction and for comfort in aircraft.

Prof. Jurandir Yanagihra gave a lecture about the comfort of airline passengers and presented to the participants of Roomvent Poli cabin simulator the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, Department of Mechanical Engineering built with support from Embraer.

The event attended by Leônidas Albano, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - UPC, Spain. LA Design & Architecture, Goiânia - GO, Brazil; Luciana Rodrigues Arantes Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas - IPT, São Paulo – SP; Brazil, Fernando Stancato, Aerospace Engineer - R&D, São José do Rio Preto - SP, Brazil; Vincent Butala, University of Ljubljana; Slovenia, Ivo Martinac, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Arsen Melikov; Technical University of Denmark, Denmark; Dirk Muller, RWTH Aachen University, Germany; Elizabeth Mundt, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden; Peter Vilhem Nielsen, Aalborg University, Denmark and other chairperson.

All items featured on Roomvent Congress 2014 will soon be available in various formats by email

The work will serve as a reliable source of information for the new technologies applied to buildings and airplanes.

With the ventilation strategies to reduce energy consumption, passive houses and buildings zero emissions.

Through a comprehensive overview of the concept of addressing internal spaces defined and occupied by individuals with movement and air exchange identifying the main features in comfort, safety and health of human beings as well as energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings. Besides the effects and modeling of physical and chemical phenomena involved in this biological context they were discussed as constructive aspects of buildings and vehicles, systems, and HVAC control and interaction between interior and exterior spaces.

At the end of the closing session, at the next conference Roomvent 2016 it was announced: Lygby, Denmark in 2016.

Team Roomvent Brazil 2014
Financial Responsible by FIPT - the Technological Research Institute Foundation
The discussion paper by Professor Dra. Clélia Mendonça de Moraes of Business Jovem Benedicto de Moraes.

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Oppening  Cerimony


Oppening Cerimony

In IPT is Av. Prof. Almeida Prado, 532 - Butantã, São Paulo - zip code: 05508-901








UENF Univeridade Federal do Norte Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro and CIEMAT Madrid-Espña



Scope of the workshop: In this workshop the focus is devoted to discuss about the detection of VOCs, bacteria and fungi as pollutants in the indoor air from the sampling to the identification and quantification with real examples of real situations;

Topics of interest: 

Date:21th October, 2014.

Technical exhibition: The workshop will include exhibitions of some equipment used for air sampling.

REHVA WORKSHOP: Indoor Environmental Quality Audits

Confirmed Speakers: Manuel Carlos Gameira da Silva, Stefano Corgnati e Clélia Mendonça de Moraes.

REHVA-Course on Indoor Climate Quality Assessment


• Disseminate knowledge on theoretical foundation and practical training in areas related to indoor climate quality in buildings (thermal comfort & indoor air quality)
• Develop skills that enable learners to define the design conditions of indoor environments and to perform its assessment on existing buildings


At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:
• describe the technical, normative and regulatory aspects related to the various areas of analysis of indoor climate quality;
• perform diagnostic quality of the indoor environment and propose improvement measures;
• integrate the knowledge related to Environmental Quality Interior Spaces in professional activities related to design, construction, installation , operation, licensing and maintenance of buildings and systems;
• act as agents for knowledge dissemination related to the discipline, including deep awareness of the need to harmonize the concerns about indoor environmental quality with the need for rational use of energy.


The course will be based on the Guidebook 14 of REHVA entitled Indoor Climate Quality Assessment. In addition to the use of presentation slides by the lecturers, virtual and remote access labs will also be used to allow a better demonstration of lectures. Learners will be invited to play an active role during lectures through the involvement on practical exercises related with the planning of indoor climate quality audits, the collection of data through remote web-access to a running monitoring system, the data reduction and processing and, finally, the elaboration of a report.

LECTURERS:  Manuel Gameiro da Silva - Associate Professor with Aggregation at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Scholar of the MIT-Portugal Program. Invited Prof. of the Master Course GBBV - Green Buildings, Batiments Verts - ENTPE, University of Lyon, France. Invited Prof. at the Middle East Technical University - Northern Cyprus Campus.

Performed research on the fields of indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency vehicle testing and combined effect of multiple discomfort stressors in vehicles and in urban environment. Investigator of more than 30 research projects sponsored by government and private organizations. Author and co-author of more than 200 technical publications.
Coordinator of the Research Group in Energy, Environment and Comfort (EEC) of ADAI-LAETA, Portugal. Member of the National Scientific Board of Ordem dos Engenheiros, the Portuguese Association of Engineers. Vice-President of Rehva, Chairman of the Education Committee of Rehva.


ASHRAE Chapter in Brazil WORKSHOP



Technologies for Energy Efficient Buildings and Better Indoor Environmental Quality

Confirmed Holder Lecture Karel Kabele.
President of REHVA Federation of European Heating Ventilation Air-conditioning AssociationsHolder Lecture: Recent progresses in airliner cabin environment research.


Recent progresses in airliner cabin environment research

Confirmed Holder Lecture Qingyan Yan Chen, Ph.d.
Editor-in-Chief, Building and Environment
School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University. EUA


City ventilation

Yuguo Li
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR, China

More than 50% of the world's population now lives in cities. The ventilation of these cities- particularly "mega-cities" with large populations and high concentrations of tall buildings-is fundamental for removing heat and airborne pollutants. For example, in Hong Kong, the wind speed in one monitoring station has reduced by 0.6 m/s per decade since 1968 and 0.35 m/s per decade since 1995. The same decreasing trend is also observed in some other mega-cities. Reduced city ventilation is a major cause of the heat island effect and a determinant of urban air quality. Unlike buildings, studying city ventilation is in general challenged by the horizontal and vertical spatial variability; complex interaction of thermal convection along the building walls and wind flows; and difficulties in large-scale field measurement. Detailed simulations at the city level are difficult because the data collected is usually local. Existing wind engineering studies have focused on one building or a building cluster, and urban air pollution and heat island research have also been local, at the scale of the urban street canyon, while meteorological studies have mostly considered urban buildings as roughness elements.

We have applied field measurement, small-scale tests, computational methods and theoretical analyses for city ventilation with Hong Kong as an example. Here we first describe our recent effort in extending the concepts of building ventilation to city ventilation, such as ventilation rate and ventilation effectiveness. We shall describe the major driving forces of city ventilation, strategies for improving city ventilation, as well as how city ventilation impacts on urban heat island and air pollution.


Organizing Committee

Luciana Arantes Rodrigues / Fulvio Vittorino / Clélia Mendonça de Moraes

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